Open Innovation for a Global-Civic University 


Using research to bring innovative solutions to local and global challenges is at the heart of Viclink’s work. Easy Access IP enables more university inventions to be turned into products and services to impact the Wellington ecosystem and beyond.


By making some Victoria University of Wellington technologies available on a free licence, we are allowing more organisations to commercialise university intellectual property themselves.


Eighty percent of university inventions and intellectual property worldwide never make it into production - we want to help change this with Easy Access IP.





Partnerships Built on Trust

All Easy Access IP technologies are available via a standard, simple licence agreement that literally fits on one page. We want to start partnerships without complications, and with a shared goal to bring real value to society and the economy. 


Knowledge transfer presents the other half of Viclink’s vocation, and builds the basis of our partnerships. The research leaders of Easy Access IP technologies can provide invaluable services to licensees, and it is these relationships that will bring the most benefits to both our partners and the university.





Reaching Out

We always have new research and technologies in the pipeline and can connect you with experts in almost any field. Let us know what you’re looking for and we might just have a solution in the making.


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In Good Company

Easy Access IP is an international collective of universities and research institutions and we’re proud to be part of this global movement giving innovation to the world.




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