From (Point) Zero to heroes

A Viclink spin-out company, Point Zero, has developed the world’s first customisable, interactive holographic experience that can be used to educate, tell stories, and customise products—simply through playing.


Formerly known as One Legged Crab, the Point Zero team—who started out as game developers at the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp three years ago—shifted direction last year to focus on applying innovative digital technologies for organisations wanting to connect with their audiences in a fresh, new way.


“We started out using Virtual Reality (VR) headset technology to guide users through complex ideas,” says Chris Mather, who co-founded Point Zero with business partner Neville Rodda. “One of the highlights was working with Genulin to provide the Malaghan Institute with a VR solution to help patients visualise the cancer immunotherapy process on a cellular level. We soon wanted to take things to the next level, and bring images into real life so they could be seen without a headset—so we began experimenting with holograms.”


Chris says the possibilities for the technology are endless. “We created a hologram of a car for our launch in December, then allowed the invited media to ‘play’ with the car, using a touch screen to customise things like the wheels and the paint colour as the car was rotating in mid-air. We received a call from a major car company before the item on the news had even finished, and we’re currently pursuing opportunities in this area.”


In addition to the commercial potential of the technology, Chris says they also hope to use it in schools to help children learn, in hospitals to help doctors prepare for surgeries, and in museums to bring exhibits to life. “Te Papa has already expressed an interest in turning some of their exhibits—and potentially some historic figures—into holographic experiences; imagine a dinosaur that then runs away when you approach it,” says Chris.


Viclink, a 20 per cent shareholder in Point Zero, still provides business mentoring for the former Victoria University student and his business.


“With Viclink’s help and resources, we were able to dedicate our time to building a successful business straight out of University,” says Chris. “They also helped us to protect our Intellectual Property and keep us focused on the research and development we needed to keep building innovative products.”


Chris also credits the BizDojo for its support and networking opportunities, and the Wellington City Council’s Collider programme of activities that is aimed at ensuring Wellington’s high tech talent have the best chance of success. 


To find out more about Point Zero and the world-class experiences they create for their clients, visit www.pointzero.nz