A novel tool that enables wine makers and brewers to monitor colour and taste, early and often.

A novel tool for measuring colour and chemical content of cloudy solutions without the need for filtering or time-consuming sample preparation - enabling wine makers and brewers to identify and monitor characteristics such as colour, tannins and bitterness in ferment.

Innovation overview

Currently, it's costly and slow - and sometimes not even possible - for wine makers and brewers to measure colour and taste at the early stages of production. CloudSpec is a new type of spectrophotometer that has the potential to revolutionise colour analysis in the wine and beer industries, thanks to its ability to analyse ‘cloudy’ solutions. Through its novel and patent-pending design, CloudSpec uses light to cut through the cloudiness of liquids and enable easier, faster and less costly monitoring of a ferment at the earliest stages of its development. This gives manufacturers the information they need, early on, about the factors affecting their ferments, enabling them to produce a consistent result each time.


Faster measurements
No need to filter as samples can be directly pipetted into cuvettes and measured within seconds, saving valuable time per measurement.
Greater accuracy
The elimination of filtration and preparation steps means less user intervention and, therefore, less chance of errors being introduced into the results.
Better preservation of sample
Non-destructive testing means the sample is kept in its raw form, representing the nature of the product as it is in the bottle/ferment.


Colour and phenolic extraction rates can be monitored to develop a year-to-year database of grape and variety behaviour for consistency and time saving.
Colour and bitterness evolution can be monitored during ferment and throughout the brewing process.
Dissolved organics, algal blooms and product discharge can all be determined in highly cloudy waste streams.

CloudSpec's superior spectral data

Technology Diagram

Research leader

Dr Brendan Darby

Dr Brendan Darby is a physicist and entrepreneur who straddles the line between cutting-edge optics research and scientific instrumentation commercialisation. A postdoc in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences (SCPS), Brendan completed his PhD in Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy under Professor Eric Le Ru and the Raman Lab—a research facility jointly associated with SCPS and the MacDiarm...

Contact person

Ashwath Sundaresan

Ashwath is responsible for Viclink’s engineering, medical devices and advanced physics portfolio, and will be working closely alongside the Robinson Research Institute. He moved home to Wellington in early 2018, to take up his new role with Viclink, after living and working in Sydney for many years—most recently as a Strategy and Insight Manager for Google. Prior to that, Ashwath spent six years a...

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