Easy Ecological Surveyor

Bringing surveying into the 21st century

Victoria University of Wellington are taking the grind out of ecological surveying with an app for quick and easy sampling. EES synchronizes data and then tabulates it ready for processing, saving hours of effort and minimizing errors!

Innovation overview

For an ecologist, hard data is the most important thing they can have. Unfortunately, whether you’re establishing the number of ant species in a forest transect, or tracking how global warming affects fish populations on coral reefs, the technology for collecting that data hasn’t advanced in centuries.

Easy Ecological Surveyor aims to eliminate the wasted time and errors inherent in collecting data with pen and paper and then manually entering it into spreadsheets for processing.

The app allows custom surveys to be created and deployed to multiple iPads. Survey data is then collected through the simple and efficient user interface and synchronised to a central server.
This tabulated data can then be simply exported in a .CSV file ready for processing!


Easy to Use
Dead simply user interface means anyone can perform surveys with easy, even underwater!
In Sync
All devices synchronize to central server, bringing your data together seamlessly
Ready to Process
Simply export your already tabulated data into a .CSV file ready to process!


Terrestrial Surveying

The app is ideal for sampling on land, simply create a survey with the parameters desired, deploy it to multiple iPads, and watch the data roll in!
Underwater Surveying

Couple a waterproof dive housing with Easy Ecological Surveyor's simple user interface and you'll never want to use a dive slate again!

Survey for Fish Count

Put a waterproof housing on an iPad and suddenly there's no need for dive slates! The interface is designed to be easy to read and use, even at the bottom of the ocean.

(Image is of alpha software and is not representative of final product)

Technology Diagram

Contact person

Liam Sutton

Liam joined the Viclink team as an Assistant Commercialisation Manager on 1 April 2016. Although he only recently graduated from Victoria with a Bachelor of Architecture, Liam is no stranger to commercialisation, having started up his own business at the 2015-2016 Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Responsible for developing and formalising processes that will make the innovation pipeline more effici...

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