Rapid L-Glutamine Measurement

Rapid, Robust and Sensitive L-Glutamine Measurment

Victoria University of Wellington researchers have developed a novel colorimetric assay for direct and specific measurement of Glutamine.

Innovation overview

This novel colorimetric assay provides a simple, rapid and sensitive solution for L-Glutamine measurement in complex biological solutions.

This licensable technique uses a proprietary enzyme to convert L-Glutamine into a detectable blue pigment that can be quantified using standard laboratory instrumentation without relying on a secondary step to remove Glutamate from the reading.

AS Brown, KJ Robins, DF Ackerley. 2017. A sensitive single-enzyme assay system using the non-ribosomal peptide synthetase BpsA for measurement of L-glutamine in biological samples. Scientific Reports 7: 41745.

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Under half the time versus other tests
Works in a range of conditions without the need for prior sample processing
Wide linear detection range, accurate between 20 µM and 1.5 mM
Simple and efficient process is amenable to high throughput
Unlike other diagnostic kits, glutamine is converted directly into a measurable product
Reduces complexity when working with samples that also contain glutamate.


Glutamine Quantification Kit
Victoria University of Wellington's class leading Glutamine Quantification System is available in the form of the Protocol description and a kit containing:

- Buffer 1 (Tris-Cl, pH 7.8)
- Patented Enzyme
- Glutamine Standards
- Solubilisation Buffer

Synthesis of blue pigment + competitor comparison

Technology Diagram

Research leader

Professor David Ackerley

Professor David Ackerley is the Biotechnology Programme Director at VUW. His research focuses on the discovery, engineering, and applications of useful bacterial enzymes, and discovery of new drugs from both established chemical collections and the unculturable bacterial communities present in diverse environmental samples. A major theme of his research is directed evolution, the artificial accele...

Contact person

Dr Anne Barnett

As CEO, Anne is responsible for delivering Viclink’s 10-year strategic plan—targeted at achieving substantial community impact from Victoria University’s publicly funded research programmes. Prior to becoming CEO, Anne spent four years as Viclink’s General Manager of Commercialisation, where she grew the IP and Commercialisation team of one to become a team of many. During this time, Viclink’s inv...

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