Patient Auto Check In System

Accelerating medical practice management

Victoria University of Wellington staff have developed a software allowing patients of a medical practice to autonomously check in for appointments, reducing waiting times and staff workload.

Innovation overview

Current practice management systems in New Zealand are operated by practice staff only. Patients arriving for appointments need to check in with a member of staff, often incurring waiting times and sometimes leading to confusion in the tight scheduling of a busy medical practice. Staff members of the Victoria University Student Health Centre have built a software that arriving patients directly interact with, checking in for appointments and updating their details. The software integrates with the most widely used practice management system, thereby not only saving patients time but also streamlining the check in process and reducing tedious tasks for staff.

A great example that innovation is generated by both academic and professional staff, Garry Brown was the Medical Director of Victoria University’s Student Health Service. Together with his colleague Greg Senior, he developed the original idea for a standing check in kiosk with customised software that would allow them to better serve their student customers at the health centre.

Edwin Hermann from the university’s IT team helped them implement a first prototype and develop a market-ready solution. Both Garry and Greg have since left the university but are supporting us in opening this technology as Easy Access IP for further commercial exploration.


System Integration
Patient auto check in system integrates with MedTech 32, the practice management system used by 80% of medical practices in New Zealand
Simple User Interface
Designed to be used by all patients
Fast Inputs
Quick to use for patients whose circumstances make waiting in line problematic
Streamlined Process
Check ins processed faster, freeing up staff time for more manual tasks
Reduced Errors
Patients update details themselves
Payment Reminders
Patients are reminded of outstanding payments at check in


Installed on computer kiosks in the lobbies of medical practice
Mobile app
On practice owned tablets or the patients’ own devices, allowing check ins from inside practice network

Use as eKiosk

Installed on a freestanding computer kiosk, the patient auto check in software can be accessed by patients when entering the lobby of a medical practice. Patients enter their details and confirm their arrival without having to wait in line at the counter. Their details are sent to the practice management system and their appointment scheduled. Miscommunication between patient and staff can be avoided and staff time freed up for other tasks, thus allowing a more streamlined patient flow in the practice. 

Technology Diagram

Contact person

Liam Sutton

Liam joined the Viclink team as an Assistant Commercialisation Manager on 1 April 2016. Although he only recently graduated from Victoria with a Bachelor of Architecture, Liam is no stranger to commercialisation, having started up his own business at the 2015-2016 Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Responsible for developing and formalising processes that will make the innovation pipeline more effici...

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