Transforming research discoveries into products or services that have real impact on society

What do we do?

Viclink is Victoria University of Wellington’s commercialisation office, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the university.


Our role is to add value to the University by helping researchers transform their discoveries into products or services that have real benefit to society. Viclink can help test, protect and develop an idea, optimising its chances of success, before launching it into the world where it can do the most good.


Viclink translates Victoria's research and knowledge into sustainable economic growth for the region.  We work closely with university researchers to support them in commercialising their inventions, and maximising the impact from their research.  We assist with securing funding and investment, and developing the partnerships with industry necessary to take these ideas forward.


Using our researcher's knowledge and expertise, we deliver sustainable social and economic development projects in the Asia-Pacific.


We support and stimulate entrepreneurship across the university, whether it be starting a new commercial service activity, a new business, or enterprise skill development in staff and students.


Researchers at Victoria University of Wellington are continually innovating and developing new research with commercial potential…


At Viclink we use our expertise in intellectual property and business development to help make those ideas a reality…


… and utilise Viclink’s extensive network of contacts to bring the technology, innovation or business onto the global stage.

Innovations on the House

What is Easy Access IP?

Eighty percent of university inventions and intellectual property worldwide never make it into production – Viclink wants to help change this with Easy Access IP.


Easy Access IP allows free and simple access to technologies developed by Victoria University of Wellington research. In a New Zealand first, Viclink is introducing Easy Access IP as a complementary approach to more traditional research translation; creating more partnerships with organisations in the Wellington region, and supporting the University’s vision of being a global-civic university.


Victoria University of Wellington joins a prestigious international collective of research institutions using Easy Access IP for knowledge exchange, resulting in increased application of research outcomes and meaningful impact.

Our Partners

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