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Our team of commercialisation specialists and operational staff work closely with researchers to optimise the impact of research conducted at Victoria University of Wellington

The Viclink Team

Ryan Graves

- Senior Commercialisation Manager -

Ryan is responsible for a wide range technologies, with a particular focus on the area of biochemistry.

Ashwath Sundaresan

- Senior Commercialisation Manager -

Ashwath is responsible for Viclink’s engineering, medical devices and advanced physics portfolio.

Dr Janice Cheng

- Commercialisation Manager -

Janice is responsible for supporting Viclink's biochemistry portfolio (alongside colleague Ryan Graves)

carbohydrate chemistry

Liam Sutton

- Commercialisation Manager -

Liam manages the Architecture, Design, and ICT portfolios.

Peter Lai

- Senior Commercialisation Manager, International -

Peter is responsible for Viclink's international relations strategy.

Matt Nicholson

- Commercialisation Manager -

Matt is responsible for assisting the Ferrier Research Institute's 'fungal factories' team to commercialise their research.

Gary Ward

- Manager Knowledge Transfer -

Knowledge Transfer applies Victoria’s knowledge and expertise to capability and capacity building projects, particularly in development and education.

Emily Sullivan

- Entrepreneurship and Marketing Manager -

Responsible for programmes and initiatives that foster an innovative, entrepreneurial culture across every faculty at Victoria.

Stephanie Grant

- IP Manager -

As Viclink's Intellectual Property (IP) Manager, Stephanie is responsible for protecting the company’s IP portfolio.

Julie Crisford

- Licensing & Portfolio Manager -

Julie is responsible for helping Viclink's commercial team negotiate and manage licenses and contracts. She also advises our portfolio companies on IP and strategy.

Dr Anne Barnett

- Chief Executive Officer -

Anne is responsible for ensuring that Viclink has the capability and capacity to deliver excellent service to the University.

Geoff Todd

- Director -

Geoff's focus is raising capital, forming international partnerships, and providing strategic direction to commercialisation at Victoria University.

Anna du Fresne

- Senior Administrator -

Anna provides office management services for Viclink

Mark Rathbun

- Finance Manager -

Mark Rathbun manages financial processes and information for both Viclink and its start ups.

Adrian Evans

- IP Specialist -

Responsible for determining the viability of early stage research discoveries.

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